Yvonne Higgins Leach



Two poems inThe Hitchlit Review

25 January 2019

Very happy to have The Hitchlit Review accept two of my recent poems. They appear on Pages 12 and 13.

Poem in Street Light Press

16 January 2019

Really appreciate that my poem "Middle Seat" was accepted by Street Light Press.

Isabella O'Donoghue poem

11 Dec 2018

Feels great to appear in deComp after trying for seven years.

Another Good Run

20 August 2018

From Steam Ticket and Raven Chronicles to Suisun Review, Borfski Press and Ideate Review, I am honored to have seven poems find homes over the past six months with such wonderful literary magazines!

These two poems are online (page 8 and 14); others recently published are under Poems below.


Interview in blog: You Read It Hear First

7 March 2016

I am honored to have been interviewed by Christina Hamlett about my poetry, my writing process, and poetry in general in her blog You Read It Here First, Conversations with Today's Authors. Christina’s credits to date include 32 books, 159 stage plays, five optioned feature films, and a plethora of articles and interviews that appear in trade publications throughout the world.