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13 June 2019 Featured Reader at Greenwood Library

17 April 2019 Featured Author at Get Lit! 2019 in Spokane

2 February 2019 Poets on the Coast Winter Retreat

11 Dec 2018 Continue to participate in two writing groups each month. Have my second book out for publication consideration. And will participate in Wedgewood's (Seattle) Open Mic in January.


17 May 2018 Skagit Valley Poetry Festival

One of my favorite poetry festivals!

17 April 2018 GetLit! Festival

Spokane's wonderful weeklong literary events!

25 March 2018 2nd Book in Work

An editor will begin looking at my second manuscript!

12 Nov 2017 Writing Groups

After attending a poetry retreat one weekend and a poetry festival another (both in September), I am focused on participating in my two poetry writing groups, creating new work, and revising life into some old poems. 

22 Sept 2017 LitFuse 2017

For the first time I will attend the LitFuse Poetry Weekend in Tieton, WA. Going with several poet friends. This year's lineup is great featuring Paisley Rekdal, with Tod Marshall, Nance Van Winckel, Joe Wilkins, Tim McNutly, Derek Sheffield, Michael Schmeltzer, Alexander Dang, Carolyne Wright, Christine Holbert, LaRae Wiley, and Shankar Narayan. I think I am most excited to meet Joe Wilkins whose memoir I loved!

8 Sept 2017 Poets on the Coast

I will return for my third consecutive year to the Poets on the Coast Women's Poetry Retreat in La Conner, WA. Susan Rich and Kelli Agodon do a great job helping us generate new work, workshop, and connect in a community of wonderfully talented poets. This year Elizabeth Austin will be part of the weekend and that's a real bonus!

12 June 2017 Weeklong residency at Wellstone Center

I have been accepted to attend a weeklong writer's residency at the Wellstone Center in Soquel, CA ​which is just outside Santa Cruz. I'll be staying in a cabin in the redwoods (how awesome is that!) and working on fine-tuning my manuscript for what I hope becomes my second poetry collection.

8 May 2017 Open Mic at Easy Speak

I look forward to participating in this Open Mic at the Wedgewood Alehouse and Cafe with some of my Seattle poet friends!

23 April 2017 Get Lit! 2017

I co-hosted with David Radcliffe the EWU Alumni Reading at the Barrister Winery in Spokane on April 23. It was a fantastic event with six alumni returning to read. I was so honored to introduce Bill O'Daly (one of my professors during my time in the program) who has had an amazing 45-year-career in writing, editing, and publishing; Maya Jewell Zeller (I am a total fan!), and Kimberly Lambright who I met for the first time. The other readers were wonderful as well! I hope to support this event again next year. The Get Lit! 2017 week overall was simply outstanding!

4 March 2017 Poets on the Coast Winter Retreat

I  participated in a half-day workshop led by Susan Rich and Kelli Agodon with about 25 other women focused on generating new poetry. Loved the creative prompts and connecting with women poets who I know!

9 September 2016 Poets on the Coast

I will be in La Conner, WA for my second year attending the Women's Poetry Retreat called Poets on the Coast. It is hosted by talented poets Susan Rich and Kelli Agodon.

11 June 2016 Reading in Yakima as part of anthology on Motherhood

I started my day in Snohomish and drove to Yakima for the reading with the local Yakima poets who appeared in the anthology. We read in the beautiful Performance Arts Center in town and the local poetry group hosted us by bringing refreshments. Emily Quinn, who is the co-editor of the anthology, did a great job MCing the afternoon. From Yakima, I headed to Spokane for the rest of the weekend. Completely worth the trip!

9 June 2016 Featured Reader at Greenwood Library

I was one of the featured readers at the Greenwood Library on June 9, 2016. It was a lovely evening spent with an author who spoke about the craft of putting together a poetry manuscript, and another author of Young Adult readers, and yet another who wrote a memoir about her mother's early onset of Alzheimers, which she felt she got because she grew up as a child in Butte, MT where the copper mining took place with little regulations. The poets who read during the open mic, which was sprinkled among us featured readers, were wonderful as well. Another great experience sharing poetry with the world!


May 2016 Skagit Valley Poetry Festival

The lineup of poets was fantastic; the sessions and the subjects we discussed were too! I fell in love with Natalie Diaz's poetry and went to a session she had on Poetry and the Narrative. I asked her a question and had her sign her book afterwards. She also read on Saturday night and blew everyone away. Other poets I enjoyed: Jamaal May, James Crews, Garth Martens, Lorrainne Ferra, and Kasey Jueds. I spent time there with some of my Poets on the Coast women poets, as well as my fantastic poet friend Dennis Caswell. What a joy to be immersed in poetry for two and a half days!

10 December 2015 Open Mic in Ballard

I attended the Open Mic in Ballard on Thursday, December 10 at 6 p.m. A few of the fantastic women poets I met at the Poets on the Coast Retreat in September went with me and we had a good time.

11 - 13 September 2015 Poets on the Coast Retreat

I participated in the Poets on the Coast Retreat in La Conner from Sept. 11 - 13, 2015. It was the 5th year that poets Kelli Agodon and Susan Rich have organized it and they did a spectacular job! A very fruitful weekend spent with 25+ other women reading, writing and sharing thoughts about poetry. I have not been part of a community of poets for more than two+ decades now and so this experience was particularly inspiring and rewarding for me. We had a welcome reception and an open mic on Friday; generated new work via prompts on Saturday, along with a lovely dinner at Katy's Inn;  workshopped new poems from Saturday on Sunday morning and culminated our weekend with a public reading at the Methodist Church. I met strong, creative and courageous women, made new friends, wrote new poems, and received new insight on poetry. I am definitely signing up to go again next year!

12 November 2015 Reading in Port Townsend

Reading at Northwind Arts Center in Port Townsend was a wonderful experience. About 22 people came out on a very blustery and rainy night -- a friend from Boeing and her husband, and two new poet friends from my retreat in September in La Conner who also live in Port Townsend came to support me. I read with a local woman author who was about to release a historical non-fiction book. Bill Mawhinney is a gracious host as well! 

6 November 2015 My poem appears on Buses Project

This is the day my poem will appear on the Poetry on Buses web portal.


16 October 2015 Artist Residency in Anam Cara, Ireland

My life partner Ed and I attended our first artist residency – he as a photographer, and I as a poet – in West Cork at a beautiful manor house on the Beara Peninsula in West Cork during early October, 2015. The residency is called Anam Cara and is run by owner and wonderful host Sue Booth-Forbes (www.anamcararetreat.com).

By sharing meals with Sue and the other visiting artists, we felt an immediate sense of community. Ed and I would alternate days of creativity, with photo taking one day; and writing poems the next. At the end of our residency, we headed north and made a deliberate stop in Craughwell, County Galway, where my great grandmother grew up before she left for America. We spent a few days in County Donegal before making our way to Northern Ireland. The two weeks were filled with inspiration, community, beauty, and education. We long for the day we will return.

We even collaborated on this Photo Essay that appeared on the Irish Fireside Facebook Page. http://irishfireside.com/2015/11/02/finding-our-creative-centers-in-ireland/

19 - 20 June 2015 Reading in Portland

My two poetry readings in Portland went splendidly! We had one Friday night with wine and appetizers, and then Saturday morning with coffee, homemade coffeecake and fruit. And what an honor to read with talented local poet Don Colburn. Thank you Nanci Tangeman for opening your home and beautiful backyard to us, and getting such a great turnout through your neighborhood Poetry Posts and invitations to our various friends. And thank you Julie Young for the flowers, wine and other contributions.

20 - 26 April 2015 Get Lit!

The Get Lit! 2015 Programs in Spokane during the week of April 20 - 26 was fantastic! From great nationally recognized authors to well-known local ones, the week was filled with readings, workshops, receptions, signings, and even a live podcast. One of the most creative events was Thursday night and is called Whiskey and Pie. We paid $2 and got a shot of Whiskey from a local distiller with a piece of homemade pie, along with authors who read their work outloud to all 400 of us in the Spokane Woman's Club. I personally participated in a wonderful event on Friday night called The Poetry Salon at The Bartlett. It was an honor to share the stage with Rick Barot, Tod Marshall, Jeremy Palasky, and Ellen Welcker. We all talked about our "poet identity" and read our work and the work of those who have influenced us. We took questions from the audience as well. A big shout out to our moderator (and poet himself) Jonathan Potter who made it fun (he is on the far right in the photo). I also conducted a workshop on Saturday and six people attended. I focused on how to get from an image to a childhood poem and within two hours everyone had a first draft of a childhood experience they felt would definitely become a solid poem one day.  Director Melissa Huggins and her team did a marvelous job organizing the whole week. I look forward to participating again next year!



20 March 2015 Reading at Vashon Bookshop

The Vashon community was very supportive of my reading on Friday, March 20, 2015. About a dozen of the local poets attended, along with the arts reporter who wrote a really great article in the local paper publicizing my reading. It also was an honor to have my cover artist Jan Wall and her partner Chanda come to the reading. The bookstore owner Nancy was a very nice host. I read for about 45 minutes and we had a robust Q&A session.



3 December 2014 A Book For All Seasons


I was one of two featured writers at the Christmas reception for A Book For All Seasons in Leavenworth, WA. Many of the locals dropped by for refreshments, good conversation and to buy books for Christmas. Owners Pat and Ed Rutledge were very kind and put Ed and me up for the night in their hotel above the bookstore called Innsbrucker Inn. Each room is decorated after an author or book and we spent the night in the Sherlock Holmes room.



5 October 2014 Avid Reader in Sacramento, CA

Thanks to my sister Maureen who secured a reading for me at her local bookstore in Sacramento -- Avid Reader -- I was able to share my poetry with many of her long-time friends and colleagues. It was a wonderful experience! 

Avid Reader

3 October 2014 Phoenix Tea in Burien, WA. I was the featured reader along with Joannie Strangeland, a very accomplished poet.

A lovely evening hosted by Lisa Noble at Phoenix Tea. Along with Joannie and me reading our work, open mic brought out two other writers. Yes, we sipped tea and shared our poetry and stories.  

Phoenix Tea

Joannie Strangeland


22 August 2014 UW Bookstore - Seattle. Poetry and music collaboration with my cousin Burke Mulvany

What an enjoyable and memorabl evening at UW Bookstore Seattle on August 22 doing another collaboration with Burke Mulvany. A great turnout of about 25 family and friends, and even four people came from the public who had heard about the event. Positive feedback about how well the music and poetry worked together! I am so glad Burke and I had this experience together.

UW Bookstore Seattle

Our event








19 August 2014 Village Books in Bellingham, a poetry and music collaboration with my cousin Burke Mulvany

I had my first collaboration with my work and it was with my very musically talented cousin Burke Mulvany. We performed to a small but very attentive audience at Village Books in Bellingham on August 19. What a rewarding experience!

Village Books

Review of the Event

24 July 2014 Uppercase Bookshop in Snohomish, WA

Enjoyed my reading very much at Uppercase Books in Snohomish on July 24, 2014. About 17 people came -- friends, family and two people from the public who live in town -- and I loved the intimate setting. I read upstairs as all us of sat among the many bookshelves.

Uppercase Bookshop

11 July 2014 Elliott Bay Books, Seatte. Poet Gerry McFarland will read with me.

Reading at Elliott Bay Book Company on July 11, 2014 was a dream come true for me. I read with poet Gerry McFarland and between the two of us we had almost 45 people attend. The audience was very receptive and we had a lively, engaging question-and-answer session afterward as well.

Elliott Bay Book Company

01 July 2014 Richard Hugo House, Seattle -- Book Release Party

My book release party was at the Richard Hugo House on Capital Hill in Seattle, WA on July 1, 2014. About 25 family and friends attended, including a large group of former Boeing colleagues. Was a lovely evening!

Hugo House

20 June 2014 My book debut will be in Spokane at Auntie's Bookstore!

June 20, 2014 -- My debut reading and signing at Auntie's Bookstore in Spokane, WA. Well attended with 70+ family members and friends showing their support. We had a fun after-party at Grande Ronde Winery to celebrate.


Grande Ronde