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Away at College
Catching a Water Snake
Finding God in Water
Your Garden
Rear View Mirror
Love Poem to My Daughters
The World Gets Easier
Letter to Clark and Charlotte
Why I Am Complete
The Manifestations of Two Emotions
May Creek Housing Development
The Turner's Place
My Roommate Quits College and Moves Back Home
Note to Charlotte
For the Greater Good
Waiting on Menstruation
Behind the Poplars
The Clock Key
The Resort at Kah-Nee-Ta Indian Reservation
The Strange Behavior of Grief
The Woman Only Wanted Water
Walter, Wrongly Convicted
My Mother at 37
Empty Nest
Serving Lunch to the Homeless
Transition to Divorce
Always a Moment...
If You Die Alone
Morning Passing
Still in Her Own Home
After Snowmelt
Beliefs About Ravens
First Confession